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Ang Sang Waheguru

by Carmen
(shanti kaur)

When the Naam penetrates deep within our being, we begin to feel Guru Ji within us.
We are in the deep crimson bridal robes of his Naam, held lovingly in his arms like a mother cradling her baby.
Our being vibrates, Waheguru Waheguru and our soul is in cherdi kala, soaring like a bird flying high in the sky.

With prana and apana we breathe ur divine Naam.
It is a cooling sensation of the sweetest air, the air of your Sat Naam, this is what creates our true identity.
Without the Lords Wondrous name, we would wonder around lost and become at one with the she serpent, Maya.
She would coil her body around us and crush our bones and bite our skin. Save us, please save us, O Wonderful Lord.

Our being is at your mercy, the mercy of your Naam. Fill us with love, grace and peace and let us dive deep into the ocean of your Light.
Let us merge with you and become one with You, Oh Divine Lord...let us be filled not with the 5 vices.
Allow me to be you and you be I. Let my soul merge with your light, in this world and the next.

Let every cell of me be filled with your Naam, let my body be the home of the divine Naad.
As a fiddler, fiddles and a drummer drums...let the Great Giver give and let us be his listeners.

Foolish are those who dont know your wealth.
Your Naam alone is worth countless posessions, i would be foolish to give you such a comparison!
People are poor, and beg for riches. Can’t they see the true asset is You Lord.
Your Naam is the gold and my ears and mouth are open begging hands, ready and waiting for your abundance.

Oh sinners, it only takes one minute to sit in the rush and become one with the Lord.
It takes not a scholar to receive his Divine light. It can be anyone who opens his heart and lets the Naam wash over him.
It may be gentle waves or a mighty wave. The Divine Lord may choose to splash you or drown you in his Dvine Light. The True Lord will keep you afloat.

I am immersed, imbued and involved. I am floating across this world ocean, clinging to your Naam with my soul. I have merged into you. I am at One with You. I am I am I am.

We are at one, the True Lord and I. I have less falsehood behind and surrendered to You. Now I can trully say ANG SANG WAHEGURU.