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I have found Peace

This Shabad is by Guru Arjan Dev Ji in Raag Raamkalee on Ang 898 of SGGS ji

rwmklI mhlw 5 ]
raamakalee mehalaa 5 ||
Raamkalee, Fifth Mehl:

ieh loky suKu pwieAw ]
eih lokae sukh paaeiaa ||
I have found peace in this world.

nhI Bytq Drm rwieAw ]
nehee bhaettath dhharam raaeiaa ||
I will not have to appear before the Righteous Judge of Dharma to give my account.

hir drgh soBwvMq ]
har dharageh sobhaava(n)th ||
I will be respected in the Court of the Lord,

Puin griB nwhI bsMq ]1]
fun garabh naahee basa(n)th ||1||
and I will not have to enter the womb of reincarnation ever again. ||1||

jwnI sMq kI imqRweI ]
jaanee sa(n)th kee mithraaee ||
Now, I know the value of friendship with the Saints.

kir ikrpw dIno hir nwmw pUrib sMjoig imlweI ]1] rhwau ]
kar kirapaa dheeno har naamaa poorab sa(n)jog milaaee ||1|| rehaao ||
In His Mercy, the Lord has blessed me with His Name. My pre-ordained destiny has been fulfilled. ||1||Pause||

gur kY crix icqu lwgw ]
gur kai charan chith laagaa ||
My consciousness is attached to the Guru's feet.

DMin DMin sMjogu sBwgw ]
dhha(n)n dhha(n)n sa(n)jog sabhaagaa ||
Blessed, blessed is this fortunate time of union.

sMq kI DUir lwgI myrY mwQy ]
sa(n)th kee dhhoor laagee maerai maathhae ||
I have applied the dust of the Saints' feet to my forehead,

iklivK duK sgly myry lwQy ]2]
kilavikh dhukh sagalae maerae laathhae ||2||
and all my sins and pains have been eradicated. ||2||

swD kI scu thl kmwnI ]
saadhh kee sach ttehal kamaanee ||
Performing true service to the Holy,

qb hoey mn suD prwnI ]
thab hoeae man sudhh paraanee ||
the mortal's mind is purified.

jn kw sPl drsu fITw ]
jan kaa safal dharas ddeet(h)aa ||
I have seen the fruitful vision of the Lord's humble slave.

nwmu pRBU kw Git Git vUTw ]3]
naam prabhoo kaa ghatt ghatt voot(h)aa ||3||
God's Name dwells within each and every heart. ||3||

imtwny siB kil klys ]
mittaanae sabh kal kalaes ||
All my troubles and sufferings have been taken away;

ijs qy aupjy iqsu mih prvys ]
jis thae oupajae this mehi paravaes ||
I have merged into the One, from whom I originated.

pRgty AwnUp guoivMd ]
pragattae aanoop guovi(n)dh ||
The Lord of the Universe, incomparably beautiful, has become merciful.

pRB pUry nwnk bKisMd ]4]38]49]
prabh poorae naanak bakhasi(n)dh ||4||38||49||
O Nanak, God is perfect and forgiving. ||4||38||49||