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Operation Bluestar poems

To you I will tell bout the year 1984,
I'm sure deep inside you know the score
Wake up, look around, listen up for I am sure you will want to see no more
In half, a little kid's body, they tore
Cry with me for surely this is a place for the curtains to close and the line to draw
No, no, no, please no more, we don't need this heartache of a war

My main man Bhindranwale was truly magnificent,
As a true saint the example he set was brilliant
A pure sant-sipahi damn right, too blatant
For the havoc his Singhs wreak is pure militant

Hush hush,not a sigh, nor a whisper, don't make a sound
For it is us they are bound
Dogs like Brar upon us they pound
We're going to be found
To be sent to the living hell of a cremation ground

Waheguru, our Guru, save us
Help us
Take us
Please please , please we beg You, do not forsake us
We pray
Our heads at our Gurus' feet we are ready to lay
To become like our shaheeds a true sacrifice
For it is them we want to join in after life

I'm drowning in a sea of thick cold blood
No more hiding under the hood
Stand tall, take arms, hold hands we should
United brothers and sisters destroy together all evil we could

Gang raped sisters send screams 2 heaven that deafen the skies
Lets rise to the sound of our mothers' cries
Be wise
Doesn't matter we're small in population size
For in number we lack
But on the battlefield dare no one kickback

Come with me, walk with me,
Hear with me, see with me,
Feel with me, witness with me these atrocities,
For alive I longer no wish to be
Lets aspire to be the Commandos, the Babbars, the Feddies and the Liberators for what they envisage is a pure Khalistan
Where there will be no freedom ban


India's government no longer are we willing to abide
Unite together to fight, we have nothing to hide
They refuse our rights yet for them we died
This mighty war they did cause
Hang on. Hold up, take a minute and pause
Can you hear that? Hear how Bhindranwale the lion roars
Don't make me laugh, India is no democracy
It's a land full of insecurity and immense amount of hypocrisy
My Singhs are renowned to be notorious
Soon we will rejoice and live in a land that is glorious

They needed full might to destroy God's house
What a witch, she makes me Sick
Hurting God Himself she got a heavy kick
Revenge we are sure to get, we want that bitch dead
Every Singh, Sikh and Kaur is out to get that head
Our hearts remain heavier than lead
Singh soormeh living in a militant's paradise
Indira Gandhi being the only dead vice

She had no compassionate heart
Gandhi wanted to see Singhs blown apart
Into the sacred complex she ordered tanks
Made Singhs look as though they looted banks
On hearing this Singhs flew from Army ranks
Thousands brutally they had murdered in the Delhi riots
Their only crime being adorned upon their heads the sacred turban
No sound, no one around, killed on the spot if found, hush hush, don't make a sound for in Punjab there is a curfew
4th of June they laughed at us, going ahead with Operation Blue Star
The sacred Sikh Library got caught in the crossfire, our sacred Guru they did burn, damn right they will get their turn

Atrocities they committed worse than Dyer
Indira is no Indian queen, but a control-freaking liar
On their heads did Singhs black turbans adorn, to show their painful grief, to mourn
Everyday a Singh sher is born
Who will grow up and wear hair unshorn

There was no other way, so Indira got assassinated
For she was highly over rated
There is no clause for this fact to be debated
Because of her Sikhs are called terrorists and are hated
Sikhs became a living innocent casualty
In a full of hatred society
Trucks carried dead bodies piled high
Almost reaching the blood filled sky
Me oh me oh my oh my
I can't take this, my heart does nothing but cry
For us those shaheeds did die
We're living in a Bloody Punjab
Which was once land of the pure and five rivers
Only to become land of the State-sponsored killers

Our minds and hearts, grievous bodily wounds and scars will never heal
For this Sikh holocaust we so deeply and strongly feel
Head high and chin up we walk on for we are made to take such ordeal, we are cast strong from steel
1984 what a mighty ordeal
Keep it real; just make sure you keep it real
Over and out

by Anjaan