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After 1984 why has the growth of Sikhs and Sikhism come to a dead stop?

Events have occurred exactly as the Center wanted them to!

Those who have been witness to the state of the Sikhs and Sikhism in
countries such as UK and USA, prior to the holocaust of 1984, know its very well that the holocausts had shook them out of apathy and complacency. But sixteen years later, now if we look at the condition of the Sikhs and Sikhism in India, particularly in the Punjab, it appears that the tragic holocausts have a virtually uprooted both the Sikhs and their religion. A Sikh leadership dreaming of a bright future for the community and winning laurels for the Panth is nowhere to be seen. If after the holocausts of 1984, a right and dedicated Sikh leadership had emerged, the situation would have been the same as it was during the rule of Mir Mannu, when it used to be said:

Mannu is our sickle and we his 'soye' (a wild plant)
The more Mannu cuts us, the more we increase in numbers.

As a result of the machinations of central secret, the new Sikh leadership
was not allowed to emerge and the leadership that was handed down the reins of power, was no better than the Dogras who controlled the Sikh Raj after Maharaja Ranjit Singh. Just as the Dorga leadership wrote defeat on the face of the victorious Sikhs similarly the present Sikh leadership wrote no different a chapter in the fateline of the Sikhs. At that time, renouncing their religion had become a daily feature with the Sikhs [The Census Commissioner had written that the Sikh population was fast dwindling and three would not be any need to keep a separate column for them at the time of the next census]. Today's new Sikh leaders are doubt, Akali in appearance, sport flowing beards, tie blue turbans and are duly baptized (amritdharis) also, but after 1984 they have never taken care of the Sikh sentiments. Rather they have been doing all that the central agencies wanted them to do. The central agencies had demanded:
That the Sikh leadership should not let the Akali Dal remain an exclusive party of the Sikhs so that the Sikhs may lose the only political party which hitherto was their chief spokesperson. That the Sikh leadership should forget all the Sikh demands and put them down the drain and give up the idea of initiating a movement for their acceptance.
That the Sikh leadership should not even make a mention of the atrocities committed on the Sikhs, should not get an inquiry conducted into the events of the past, should not put any Police official in the dock and should advise the Sikh to forget the past.
That the Sikh leadership, at the bidding of the Centre, should promote Police official guilty of committing atrocities and post them on plum posts so that this message should go to average Sikh that no harm could come to the perpetrators of atrocities on them.
That the Sikh leadership should not let a resolution condemning 1984 holocausts be passed in the Punjab Assembly, where they enjoy absolute majority.
That those who, during 1982 to 1996, made sacrifices for the glory of the Punjab and the Panth (youth, Dharmi Faujis, widows, orphans, militants and their families) should not be given any financial help, nor should political prisoners be granted amnesty.
That the Sikh leadership should not let survive a single memory or trace of the 1984 holocausts and create such an impression about the tragedy that was million times more horrendous than the Jallianwala masscre, located only a few metres away from the Darbar Sahib, as if nothing significant had happened there.
That Sikh leadership, after diluting the Panthic image of the Akali Dal, should take the lead in doing idol-worship and violating Gurmat in such a way that the average Sikh should fail to draw a line between Brahminism and Sikhism.
That the Sikh leadership should shatter the image of Sri Akal Takhat in the Sikh minds in such a manner that this great institution might lose its grandeur and supremacy.
That Sikh leadership should give up the idea of raising its voice against any injustice and excess committed on the Sikhs.
That, if an organisation, such as the RSS, preaches voiceferously that Sikhs are Hindus, the Sikh leadership should extend its full co-operation and raise no objection against it. If in the name of celebrating Khalsa Tercentary, the Centre gives that organisation a grant of Rs. 50 crore anti-Gurmat propaganda, the Sikh leadership should not object to it.
That if, in order to reduce the Sikh majority in to a minority in the Panjab, a plot is prepared to settle large number of 'bhaiyas' from U.P. and Bihar, the Sikh leadership shuld not only refrain from raising any objection to it, but should also render full help in giving them ration cards, identity cards etc. to enable them, register themselves as voters.
That if, under a well planned conspiracy, the movement aimed at spreading apostasy among the Sikh youth in the Punjab starts bearing fruit, the Sikh leadership should not make any efforts to oppose it and should rather look the other way.
That no effort should be made to check the habit of drinking among the Sikh youth. On the other and, liquor vends should be opened in very nook and corner of the State.
That such persons should be appointed as Akal Takhat Jathedaras as are neither well-versed in Sikhism, nor are capable of acting independently of the politicians and providing leadership to the Panth. The Sikh leadership has done exactly as the central agencies wanted them to do. Just imagine, if the Sikhs had got a leadership that refused to toe the line of the central agencies and instead of implementing the Centre's agenda in the Punjab, had implemented the Panthic agenda, what a radically different picture would have emerged! Certainly, the area of Panth's glory would have set it, in a new sense of confidence would have developed among the youth and the Centre would have submitted to the Sikh's strong determination. By following a wrong leadership, the Sikhs have wasted their sixteen precious years. But things can be made to take a right turn even at this late stage. If genuine persons with their independent approach on vital issues, rather than those actively involved in politics, come forward and take a pledge that they would go around every household in the villages of Punjab, so as to acquaint the people with the reality and thus enlighten them about the truth, there is much that can be done.
On June 6, some persons at least should come forward and dedicate themselves to the service of the Panth. In the previous century, only 8 persons had started the Singh Sabha movement. Today also, if we have to bring about some movement in the present state of stagnation, we only need e few Gursikhs, who are determined to reach the victory stand and are willing to face every difficultly. Guru will grant them success!