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Who are Guilty?
(Truth behind the November '1984' Sikh's Genocide)
November '1984'/Delhi Pogroms

In the days following the assassination of Indira Gandhi, marauding mobs of Hindus were angry at the assassination of Gandhi by her two Sikh bodyguards. These Hindu mobs killed over two thousand Sikh men, women, and children and burned and looted hundreds of Sikh homes, businesses, and places of worship. The largest amount of innocent deaths occurred in the capital of New Delhi.

There is a large amount of evidence that clearly suggests that the pogroms were already planned and that not only did government leaders plan and supply the mobs, but also led them and actively participated in the looting, burning, and killing. This evidence has been found not by Sikh activists, but by groups such as People's Union for Democratic Rights (PUDR) and People's Union for Civil Liberties (PUCL), led by Justice V. M. Tarkunde, former Chief Justice S. M. Sikri, and other Indians who are concerned with the growing undemocratic action of the "world's largest democracy".


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Evidence of Indian Government Involvement

- Large scale Sikh genocide was being planned by the top layers of government including Gandhi herself. The plan, known as Operation Shanti, was to take place around November 8, as was a surprise attack on Pakistan. Beant Singh, the man who assassinated Gandhi, heard of Operation Shanti from R. K. Dhawan, Special Assistant to the Prime Minister and decided to kill Gandhi. [source: The Sikhs in History by Sangat Singh]

-Although her death helped avert a complete genocide of the Sikhs, the framework for the attack had already been made and the lists of Sikhs and their businesses in Delhi had already been made. These lists were handed out to the rioters, who then knew exactly which shops to burn, which places to loot, and which homes to destroy. [source: "Who are the Guilty?"]

- Police were calling up residents and driving around in jeeps equipped with loudspeakers telling the population that train loads of dead Hindu bodies were arriving and that Sikhs were poisoning Delhi's water supply. These two statements were officially repudiated by the government and led to an incredibly high level of tension and hatred of Sikhs by the Hindus. [source: "Who are the Guilty?"]

- Upon arrival at Palam airport in Delhi and hearing of his mother's assassination, Rajiv Gandhi told those present, "My mother has been shot dead. What are you doing here? Go, and take revenge. No turban (distinctive Sikh headdress) should be seen."
[source: The Sikhs in History by Sangat Singh (talks on November 1, 1984 with a RAW inspector who was present at the airport)]

- A large percentage of the mob was brought from outside the locality (the Delhi neighborhoods where the rioting took place) and were transported in vehicles. "In the areas which were most affected... the mobs were led by local Congress (I) politicians."
the areas that were affected and had the largest concentration of looters were strong bases of the Congress (I) and were the "...network through which masses are mobilised for demonstration of Congress (I)'s ostensible popular support." [source: "Who are the Guilty?"]

- The Sikhs in the Delhi police force (20% of the force) were withdrawn and the Sikh soldiers in Delhi were disarmed and confined to the barracks. [source: The Sikhs in History by Sangat Singh]

- Even after repeated pleas by various opposition (non- Congress (I)) members of Parliament to Home Minister (MR. P. V. Narasimha Rao, now the Prime Minister of India) to bring in the army to help restore peace, no action was taken to restore peace until November 3, the day of Gandhi's funeral and also the day many foreign dignitaries would be in Delhi for the funeral. [source: "Who are the Guilty?"]

- Some politicians not only gave information about the Sikhs, but offered rewards such as 100 rupees and a bottle of liquor to everyone in the mobs (ex: Sajjan Kumar, Congress (I) MP). [source: Who are the Guilty? ]

More about the November 1984 Pogroms

1.Killing, Looting, and Burning of the Sikhs and their property occurred in every state except Punjab, where there were hundreds of thousands of army personnel stationed. [source: The Sikhs in History by Sangat Singh]
2.Sikh places of worship were sought out to be destroyed and Sikh religious texts and literature, including the Adi Granth, holy book of the Sikhs, were defecated upon. [source: The Sikhs in History by Sangat Singh and Misra Commission]

3.There were two phases to the operation and pogrom in New Delhi:
1.Phase 1- spreading of false propaganda against the Sikhs by the police to raise the levels of fear and hate against the Sikhs and make the atrocities against them seem acceptable.
2.Phase 2- Bringing of groups of armed men to at least ten different sections of New Delhi. After this phase, the government allowed the situation to get out of control for over two days before putting an end to the rioting and pogroms. [source: Who are the Guilty? ]

4.Police not only stood aside and watched as people were killed, but actively participated in the looting and killing and even disarmed and killed those Sikhs who were trying to defend themselves. [source: Who are the Guilty? ]

5.Many hundreds of Sikh families were destroyed, while the men were killed and the women gang raped.

6.A pregnant women was stabbed and a large number of Sikhs were made to pay to get themselves shaven or face death. [source: Who are the Guilty? ]

7.The police drove around in jeeps equipped with loudspeakers not only spreading false propaganda, but also telling the Sikhs that they should go to their houses (setting them up for sure destruction) and that the police could no longer assure their safety. [source: Who are the Guilty? ]

8.Women survivors told of how their children were ripped apart, the men and boys made to cut their hair, and the women raped. Then the men and boys were beaten up and burnt alive. [source: Who are the Guilty? ]

9.Sikh passengers on buses and trains were stopped at the station, dragged outside and either thrown on the tracks or burnt. [source: Who are the Guilty?

10.Although the number of dead will never be truly known, the serious estimates range between one thousand [PUCL] to six thousand [Khushwant Singh] dead in Delhi alone and 12, 000 to 20, 000 dead Sikhs nationwide, with violence in Bihar and other states topped only by the carnage in Delhi. [source: The Sikhs in History by Sangat Singh]


above; bodies of Sikhs left to rot on streets, dogs dismember the Sikh corpses